World War 3: N.Korea ‘Nuclear Bunker’ In Case U.S Attacks (Photos)

World War 3: N.Korea ‘Nuclear Bunker’ In Case U.S Attacks (Photos)

World War 3: N.Korea ‘Nuclear Bunker’ In Case U.S Attacks (Photos)

These pictures show the inside of Pyongyang’s 360ft deep metro system – that will double up as a nuclear bunker if war breaks out between North Korea and the US. Images show commuters using the world’s deepest underground train system which includes two lines with a combined length of 18 miles beneath North Korea’s capital.

Construction work on the Pyongyang Metro started in 1968 and was inaugurated in 1973 by Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of current dictator Kim Jong-un.

And while it is usually busy with commuters, the depth of the subway system means citizens could also use it as a shelter should tensions between North Korea and America boil over into full-scale war.

Earlier this year, one of Kim’s top officials insisted the country was ‘not afraid’ of the prospect of military action by the US

The trains are old carriages from Germany which were bought up by North Korea in 1999 as they were heading for the scrap heap. Pyongyang now claims the trains were built in North Korea, but despite attempts to conceal their origin, some old graffiti tags can be seen on the carriages.

French photographer Eric Lafforgue captured these images during a trip to the hermit state and said there were only 17 stations on two lines.

Access to the subway system has historically been shut off to foreigners, but Pyongyang has recently arranged a limited number of tours for foreign media.

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Pyongyang's metro system which doubles as nuclear bunker


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