We Can Campaign And Still Live Together In Peace; The Hon. Pat Asadu Debate Can Be Saner!

We Can Campaign And Still Live Together In Peace; The Hon. Pat Asadu Debate Can Be Saner!

I want to thank all those who have courageously aired their individual opinions as regards Rt HON ASADU returning to House of Representatives for the 4th term.

In most of the political clime in the country today, there are legitimate agitations by those who feel their interest are not well protected or their individual needs not fully met.

For us in this area, I have noted .

1) There is some sudden increased agitation going over “zoning” and the House seat between Nsukka and Igbo-Eze South.

2) On the need for more youth participation in this present political process.

3) The need for more infrastructure in some particular areas.

4) The need for more human capital empowerment to all areas .

We should not forget also that where such agitations are genuine, no leader worth his salt will  keep a deaf to such genuine demands.

What is important also is whether the leader in question is guilty of some or all of the charges being levelled against him or her or is being hounded to satisfy certain other more sinister motives.

What are the roles and duties of a legislator or parliamentarian and what can be legitimately expected of him or her.

Or rather; how do we measure his or her performances to arrive at just decisions of whether he has done well or not.

Is he to be judged by His level of inputs to law making, representation or oversight as in our law books or on the basis of infrastructure and human capital development.

If an examiner has no standard scheme with which to asses his students’ performances; how does he score his or her students after an exam?

Have we gotten and used a standard scheme to assess Dr Asadu and adjudged him a failure and on which particular aspects of his duties?

Who did the marking and for what purpose?.

How did we suddenly move from hailing him as God-send after his popular Christmas with the sick in 2016, his football tournaments in 2017, his several medical missions for the poor patients and his litany of projects, to become such haters of his leadership and his politics as 2019 elections drew near.

Is it because it is now obvious that he is likely running for a 4th term?.

Are we really judging his performances over his past terms in office or angry that he seems to succeed where many do not seem to so do, especially politically??

Assuming we have
without bias and sentiment adgudged him and in our individual assessments feel he has failed, can that stop him from aspiring?

Is it not his right to run and our right to vote or not to vote for him?

Can we by disparaging him and creating an environment of hate and tension develop a political culture to be proud of?

Granted that human wants are insatiable and our leaders can always do better, can’t we make demands for better deals in a more decorous way?

Insults and abuses can only beget more insults and more abuses while leaving the poor people we all wish to improve in worse states.

I advise that every demand, every comment and every campaign should be made with decorum in order not to offend the letters of the nation’s constitution,or our culture as peace and brotherly umu Nsukka and even our God.

The Constitution of Nigerian guarantees freedom of aspiration , speech and of movement for all Nigerians in the country, without fear of discrimination or intimidation .

I reaffirm the need to draw a line between the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution of our nation  and the degeneration of such expression into hateful rhetoric, prejudice and hatred.

Under no circumstances will we condone or tolerate hate speeches in any way or form as it threatens our corporate existence as a people.

In the past few weeks, I’m sure many of us have noticed that there have been louder voices of hate, of division, especially from the certain persons in our society.

Much louder noises than perhaps had been the case in the past and none openly from the potential political rivals of Dr Asadu.

Do we really need to know something about sponsors of these hate speeches?

Is any of these hate speakers or writers running for the House of Representatives or is it the voice of Esau and the hands of Jacob?

How can our youths be so divided against each other by those who want to lead us?

It is becoming obvious that for this constituency, this zone and this state   to survive the critical moment, every peace lover in this constituency must align with the well-intentioned position of the Enugu State PDP in outlawing smear campaigns, hate speeches, blackmail and hack writing for political ends.

This way, we can build a cohesive, united and peaceful environment for sustainable development.

Recently we have confirmed that in most constituencies, a good and credible law maker can return up to 4th tenure and some have been reported to even return to more than such, without such divisive and destructive campaigns .

To me Rt Hon Dr. Patrick Asadu may not have touched every area of our expectations, as no individual can.

Our Governor was also brazenly accused of “achieving nothing” after 3terms in the same House when he was running for Governor by the same tendency suspected by some to be fanning the present embers of hate.

Even the very distinguished Sen. Fidelis Okoro was equally written off as a non- performer when in his 3rd term in the Senate. While Governor Ugwuanyi has moved on to the government House, Enugu and is proving that you cannot use executive benchmarks to assess a legislator’s performances or lack of it, Sen. Okoro was pulled down and we all lost. That is why Enugu West is reaping from Ekweremadu what Nsukka was too impatient to allow Sen. Okoro attain. And that is why we cannot allow Dr Asadu be decapitated at this stage, especially when he has been adgudged by myself and unbiased observers I know, as performing above average.

His adminstration heralded the entry of indelible improvement in our education landscape, unprecedented and mostly free health care services to the poor and the needy, human capital development and empowerment , witj a litany of infrastructural projects to add.

His biggest failure if you ask me is his refusing to blow his own trumpet like most politicians would do.

No words can adequately describe this nature and the strong leadership he has provided Nsukka land, both as a leader and as a strategic ally to our Governor. He is humble, he is patriotic with strong ethical, moral and religious fibre ,an epitome of sacrifice, suffering even fools gladly at times, generous and loyal, a worthy public servant and political master strategist in his own right.

He is at home with the most elderly ndi ishi, ndi ishi umuada, ndi Igwe, ndi ishi njom oha, ndi ama/ Ozioko, widows, men, women, youths of both sexes and even children.

His biggest investment has been on and for the weak and vulnerable who have vowed to repay him with their votes and more importantly with their prayers.


Dr. Pat Asadu’s 4th term bid deserves a unanimous support and should be propagated by every well meaning citizen, considering his achievements and the opportunity for more that beckons.

If this opportunity is seized by us, we  stand the chance of producing a key principal officer in the House; the Speaker or Deputy Speaker are not beyond us , especially with our collective prayers.

The opportunities associated with such positions are not just about him or even our Constituency alone but about Nsukka land and Enugu State.

We have lacked our men in leadership postions both in Aso rock villa and in the National Assembly for too long.

All of us , from the Nsukka/ Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency, Enugu North Senatorial Zone, Enugu State and the entire South East shall rejoice, when we produce another Iroko in the National Political Space.

Please let us all bury our personal sentiments, misgivings and narrow interests and support this Nsukka boy who is good to go!!.

Aboy James
Executive Assistant to the Enugu State Governor writes from Ibagwa.

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