SHOCKING! Woman With Appendicitis, Finds Out She Is In Labour

SHOCKING! Woman With Appendicitis, Finds Out She Is In Labour

SHOCKING! Woman With Appendicitis, Finds Out She Is In Labour

The 23-year-old went to the doctor with a suspected appendicitis, only to discover she was giving birth to a baby she didn’t know she was carrying.

Amazingly, neither Robyn or her partner Luke Darvill, from Haverhill, Suffolk, had any idea that they were parents-to-be, with the couple rowing over fried chicken just hours before their daughter’s arrival.

She said:

“I had gone up from a size 12 when I started dating Luke to a size 18-20 three years later.

“I just thought it was ‘relationship weight,’ gained because we were so happy together and I hadn’t been watching what I ate.”

Robyn added that she thought that she had had an ‘accident’ when her waters broke unexpectedly, a situation made more awkward as they were staying at Luke’s dad Peter’s house – and they were on bad terms after their fast food disagreement.

 Robyn with partner Luke and their surprise baby Daisy

She added:

“I told Luke some mess had come out of me.

“He misunderstood and thought I had soiled myself. He told me to clean myself up.

“We’d earlier that night had an argument over KFC, so we were in a bad mood with each other.”

But, in agony, Robyn couldn’t sleep and called the NHS helpline, 101, who asked if she could be pregnant.

“I said no straight away,” she continued. “I hadn’t missed a period, so I didn’t think I was.”

The next morning, still in pain, the couple went to their GP and, told she was expecting a baby any minute, Robyn was sent straight to Addenbroke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

She said:

“I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t stop crying. I was in shock and just kept crying and crying and crying.

“I was on the contraceptive pill and didn’t miss a period.

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