Prince Harry ‘Teaching Meghan Markle To Drive Manual Car

Prince Harry ‘Teaching Meghan Markle To Drive Manual Car

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have already put their relationship to the ultimate test.

The brave royal is reportedly helping his wife-to-be learn how to drive in Britain.

The actress, 36, had a full licence to drive in Canada and the US but that only gave her 12 months to drive legally here in the UK.

Now she needs to apply for a provisional licence and pass both a theory and practical test.

And according to the Daily Mail, Harry has been helping Meghan get to grips with being on the opposite side of the road and use a manual gearbox in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Like most North Americans, she has always driven an automatic and even had a deal with Audi as an ‘ambassador’ before she left for Britain.

Meghan is unlikely to be driving a manual car at any time but she needs to be able to in an emergency, it has been claimed.

It comes amid reports Meghan is struggling with her heightened fame as a member of the royal family and the loss of independence it has brought.

Meghan moved to London last year to be with her fiance Prince Harry.

But reports surfaced recently that Meghan is feeling intimidated by the dramatic increase in her public profile.

Although she has been in the film and TV industry for some time, she was still able to go out and about on her own without being mobbed by fans.

Now any excursion means being accompanied by armed security in a blacked-out car.

Meghan was also forced to close down her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In particular, she misses her popular blog The Tig, according to reports.

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