Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos Reveals Why Davido Fell For Chioma

Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos Reveals Why Davido Fell For Chioma


Zonal Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos has explained in a cryptic Instagram post has just explained how Davido’s current girlfriend, Chioma won his heart.

She said  Davido was obviously hooked by Chef Chioma’s culinary skills in the kitchen.

She wrote on Instagram

The best way to an African man’s soul is through food. All ladies out there should learn how to prepare dishes! No man wants to be eating from restaurants all the time. Homemade food are the best! if you are confused ask that boy that killed Goliath why after 3 or 4 baby mamas, he is sticking and dotting roundabout that @chef.o

That girl has obviously won the game and will be getting her left 4th finger filled with Mr D’s ring soon! You all thought it’s juju  No no no she’s gotten him through dishes (power of food) young ladies get yourselves into kitchen and learn how to make good recipes and mr right will stay.


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