The Perfect Will (Episode Seven)

The Perfect Will (Episode Seven)

The Perfect Will (Episode Seven)

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“Sister Andrea!” I heard someone shout my name and could only wonder who it was.

“Oh! Sister Vivian, good afternoon. I hope there is no problem.” I asked as soon as I recognized who it was.

“Please don’t be in a hurry to leave Pastor Mark wants to see you”,

“Pastor Mark? The marriage counselor?” I asked to be sure she wasn’t mistaken.

“Yes, that one… ”

“oh…okay thanks for the information. I’ll see him now.” I said finally and she left.

After all that had happened between Christian and I, I never spoke to pastor Mark, our marriage counselor nor bothered explaining why we stopped coming for counseling. I lost self confidence and was a bit ashamed to meet him, to tell him that the forth suitor had failed again.

I felt weak as I walked into his office and my eyes were fixed on the ground.

“Good afternoon sir.” I managed to greet.

“Please sit….

“Thank you sir”, I said, making attempt to sit down.

“I spoke with Brother Christian not too long ago and he broke the news to me himself…. Hmm…. He said he was no longer interested but he refused to explain his reasons. Sister Andrea what really happened?” He asked.

I almost melted at the spot. My eyes were already filled with tears, making my sight blur. How on earth was I supposed to explain to him that the reason for our separation was because I was a bed wetter. I wished heaven would open and I would be raptured in a twinkle of an eye. I stared, silent for a moment, the thought of lying sprang through my mind but I was afraid to adhere.

“Sister Andrea are you okay?”

“Sir I… I… It’s because… Well it’s kind of complicated Sir. I stammered as I spoke.

“Hm… Sister Andrea God revealed something to me during your courtship with brother Christian, the Lord ministered to my heart that Brother Christian wasn’t His perfect will for you.” He said and I was broken.

At this point, the urge to cry ceased and I earnestly desired to find out what he meant.

“Sir… Why… How Sir?” I stammered again.

“You were so desperate for a husband that you were blind to see this. I saw a quick desire in you to get married soon and knew you wouldn’t listen if I told you to back out. I chose to intercede on your behalf and I prayed earnestly for you to be delivered out of the hands of the wrong man and am glad God answered my prayers.”

I was almost breathless and I felt pain in my chest, confusion filled my head and my eyes were filled with tears again.

“But why sir?” I said and tears flowed down my cheeks.

“Because God has a better plan for you. Sister Andrea the right man will come at the right time.” His words burned my heart as he spoke.

“When Sir?… How long?… Why me … Am fed up, the reproach is too much… Ah God!”

I could barely control my tears, my heart was completely battered.

“Sister Andrea, God has answered your prayers and very soon the right man will propose.” He said finally.

He pulled out a white handkerchief from his drawer and handed it over to me. I collected it and wiped the tears off my face, blowing out mucus from my nose.

“I’ll be taking my leave sir… Thanks for everything sir.” I said finally.

“Sister Andrea don’t lose faith, the perfect will of God will come at the perfect time.” He said confidently.

“Thank you sir…” I said again and left the office.

I returned home from church completely battered and broken. I wished I could just end my life but I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I thought of moving to a different location, far away from home where I wouldn’t be able to remember my problems.

“Lord I need to get out of here, am fed up!” I spoke so loud to myself and I wept all through the night.

I stood under the heavy rain, absolutely, utterly alone and for the first time, I realized how much I feared the Storm. I dared not look at the sky where big, black clouds were slowly unrolling themselves.

The horizon was the color of ash. The sun was hidden behind the cloud and the wind hallowed as it blew. I couldn’t tell where I was. The whole place was deserted with trees every where and it looked like a forest.

The wind whistled past, tearing at my dress. I drew a deep breath and struggled to walk to a near by hut in front but I was too weak to move, my whole body was frozen. There were vultures on the trees and they stared directly at me, I knew they waited for the Storm to kill me so they’d eat my dead body. I stood there clutching at my heart while the wind picked up speed and the rain poured down heavily.

Soon, I became too weak and tired, almost giving up in the storm when someone held my hand.

“You can’t give up Andrea… not now”

I turned to see who it was that spoke and I was startled. It was the same man again.

“But I’m tired, I can’t continue… I’m sorry sir.” I spoke with the last strength in me.

“No! What God has joined together, not even the Storm can put asunder.” He lifted me up from the floor and carried me in his arms.

Just then, I woke up and it was only a dream. I sat on my bed and my heart wavered. I took a deep breath and held it for a while.

“Lord what are you trying to tell me?” I muttered slowly to myself.

I remembered what pastor Luke had told me and I almost froze on my bed. But then would any man be willing to marry a bed wetter for a wife?

I prayed that morning before leaving for work.

I arrived at the office at about 7:45am, only to find a brown envelop well placed on my desk. I wondered what it was as I opened it.



Dear ma’am


Based on the above heading, you are no longer needed at trust bond insurance PLC due to the current recession, the company has chosen to retrench few of our staffs.
Please do bear with us.


I fell on the ground and couldn’t get a hold of myself. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

“No no no no no no! Not my job…. Lord not my job… This cannot be happening to me … Not now!”

It felt like my whole world came crashing. I felt intense heat and even though the A.C was on, I couldn’t feel the breeze. I finally got a hold of myself and went straight to the human resources department.

“Sir please… Please sir help me, I can’t lose my job now,” I cried as I pleaded but it didn’t really move him.

“Look miss Andrea, we have made up our mind and there is nothing I can do. The decision was made by the board of directors.”
I lost my breath and cried even harder.

“but sir….”

“Have a nice day Miss Philip.” He said, finally.
I looked down and wished for the earth to open and swallow me. I wanted to plead even more, but my words would not come, and for a while even my ears could hear nothing.

I felt too weak as I walked on the street, intoxicated with extreme sorrow. I could no longer tell if God was still aware of my existence. I gradually began to lose my senses as I walked straight to the express road, hoping that a car would knock me down.
Cars kept horning but I turned deaf ears. I fixed my eyes on a truck coming in full speed and I slowly shut my eyes, waiting for it to end when suddenly, someone pulled me out of the road with full force.

“Ma’am what on earth were you thinking? Do you want to die?” I looked up only to find myself wrapped in the arms of Mr. Stranger.

“What are you?” I asked with an intense desire.
But he chose not to reply back. He held my hand as we walked to his car. My heart beat increased, a shiver ran across me and I felt goose bumps appear on my arms.

“What were you thinking?” He asked again. His eyes were sad and were completely fixed on mine. I’d never seen someone so concerned in such manner.

I wanted to say I was sorry I almost took my life but my words were ceased, silent crying with tears running down my cheeks.

“Andrea!” He called my name in a calm tone, like an elder brother would call his sister.

“Am sorry sir,” I said finally.

He made me sit in his car and even though he knew he was running late for work, he was willing to stay and find out what really prompted my actions.

“Sir, how did you find me?” I asked.

“I had a flat tyre and was about to park along the road to check it when I sighted you. But you haven’t answered my question”

“Am fed up of life Sir… I was born by a mistake.” I said sadly.

“So that’s why you want to die and live me all alone.” He said. I looked down at my chest, which was heaving now. What on earth was this man saying again.

“Sir?” I struggled with my pronunciation.

“Andrea you are special never you forget that,” he said.
I laughed so loud for a long while but he sat, staring at me, wondering why I laughed so much and he looked concerned.

“Look sir… You men are all the same. This was exactly what Christian told me…. Oh! Andrea you are special!… Bla…bla…bla. But yet he dumped me because of ….”

I looked aside and was relieved I didn’t spill out the last word, that I was a bed wetter.

“Andrea God told me you are special and God never lies.” He said. He spoke with full confidence.

“Then why did He let them inflict me with a curse?…. Why did He let Christian dump me?…. Why did He make them sack me?… Why?!” I couldn’t hide my tears this time and it flowed heavily.

“We can fight it together.” He Said and I remembered the dream at once.

“We? How do you mean sir?” I asked anxiously.

“Andrea can’t you read the hand writing on the wall?” He asked.

I looked away, out of the window. I almost froze up on my seat. I wished he hadn’t been the one who saved me.

“No sir,” I managed to speak.

“Andrea! My tyres didn’t get flat for no reason… God wanted me to save my soul mate.” He said.

This time it was worst than goose bumps, I felt like my whole body was soon going to explode. He stared directly at me and I could barely utter a word.

to be continued next week

WRITTEN BY: Chioma Jennifer

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