Paul Alao Fadda Reacts To President Buhari’s Unknown Whereabouts

Paul Alao Fadda Reacts To President Buhari’s Unknown Whereabouts

Paul Alao Fadda, the grammarian has once again dropped another bombshell.

I proclaim lachrymosely as some historical events are never fugacious, yes. We all remember how the anomalous anti-authoritarianism rouse up to a clamorous remonstration when the late President Umaru Yar’adua was off the grid… just for the purpose of honorificabilitudinitatibus, self-acclamation, and testimonial. Still fresh in my memory!
Today, our commander in chief is in a compendious laconic lacuna…the administration’s failed promises and the violation of the rule of law kicking us in the face, the entire country is in a financial Bantingism, economic discombobulation, and another debilitating lemma…
The same Soyinka, Falana, and others have chosen to remain tight-lipped, reticent and uncommunicative over these odoriferous and nefarious lemmas.
To me it’s an irreparable relegation, not just a boo-boo, but, a bringdown, despondency, fraux pas, fiasco and a blind alley.
Do not kowtow in their powwow!!


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