Nsukka/Igbo Eze South Federal Constituency Not A Chicken Republic

Nsukka/Igbo Eze South Federal Constituency Not A Chicken Republic

I have observed the amusing Cowardice of many aspirants Contesting for the seat of NSUKKA/IGBO EZE SOUTH FED CONSTITUENCY come 2019 Election.

They want to unseat Pat O. Asadu, yet they hide in the Confines of their Trenches waiting for the polls.

They sit and watch positive/negative trends in Nsukka without any input.

This is not a time to keep mute in the face of many Aberrations if you feel Aggrieved.

If you think things are dwindling sour in our beloved Federal Constituency yet you prefer to remain silent while some us who are not aspiring for any elective position do the homework for you.
Your attitude, Body Language and Indolence can best be described as “#OLODO”.

This is not a time for consultation; stop running up and down informing every Tom, Dick and Harry that you are contesting for this contesting for that.

Come out openly and Effectively do the work of a serious politician.

Some of you Politicians running this Campaign of Calumny in Nsukka currently are even worst than Evil.

From all indication Dr. Pat Asadu is better than You all cos if you have something to offer be bold enough to Unveil yourself, if not you don’t have any good “thing” to offer. Quote me to LONDON!

Many of the aspirants do not have any qualitative Antecedent to sell their interest. But they are interested in Contesting for REPS….. You better respect yourself and pipe low.

Let me tell you the truth: The number of Hotels, RANGE ROVER, PRADO JEEP, #Agbada you have in your wardrobe does not qualify you to represent NSUKKA/IGBO EZE SOUTH FED CONSTITUENCY.

Leadership is not about your dress sense and your tact to Becloud our people with cheap lies to earn votes during election.

Who you help?

You cannot oust Hon Pat Asadu from power and install Masked Chronic Failures trying to take power from Pat. NSUKKA/IGBO EZE SOUTH is not a Laboratory to Experiment Failures.

It’s time you all Unveil yourself now or you allow Pat Asadu go back period.

You want to go to National Assembly, Abuja and represent your people and you are scared of going to the polls with ASADU.

You must be a Joker! Who Does That ?? Biko!!

Make Una Park well.

Had it been #PAT was scared of Power he won’t be in power today. Let me Reiterate clearly, don’t use the plights of our Poor People as Campaign Strategy, tell us your Antecedent and what you have to offer.

Tell us your role in politics prior to this time.

Don’t come to us using the alleged weakness of Pat Asadu cos every politician has a Weakness

Finally, you don’t beg for power, it’s not a gift, you struggle for it, if you aren’t strong enough you back off to the side and Wail or you bow to the Strongest.

Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi

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