Nollywood Actor, Mike Ezurounye Reportedly Set To Divorce His Wife… See Why

Nollywood Actor, Mike Ezurounye Reportedly Set To Divorce His Wife… See Why

New reports are saying that Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye is set to divorce his wife, Nkechi, whom he reportedly abandoned abroad, for birthing an albino.

Read the report as written by SDK.

When this whispering was brought to my attention,I had sleepless nights looking at the photo tendered as ‘exigist’ and seeing the resemblance and imagining that this brouhaha will meet this beautiful baby when he/she comes of age.

In case you are wondering what i am talking about…A very handsome Nollywood actor allegedly no longer wants to Marry the women he married in a very loud ceremony some years back…..

They say he has or is about to file for divorce and has not set eyes on the wife and the object of the brouhaha since one year ago……

The little darling who is sooooooooooooooooo cute just celebrated a first Birthday.

The actors wife birthed a beautiful albino child and dude is allegedly claiming that there is no albino in his lineage and demanded for a DNA test but the wife allegedly refused because she felt insulted..

The soo cute albino baby has never seen what her daddy looks like cos he has signed out emotionally and otherwise from the marriage

When the Olofofo showed me the photos of the little Angel…..I screamed ”But this baby is his spitting image apart from the albinism..shocking look alike”!!!

Insiders say the beautiful light skinned wife who lives outside the Country is now a single parent to their two Children….Hmmmmmm  God knows best Indeed is not only a name but also an exclamation and ”God’s own” is our blessing

The light skinned actor allegedly only calls his lovely looking first fruit on the phone and does not bother about anyone else……..

My people I am not a doctor but when two very light skinned people meet in the oza room and they make a baby….what is the result?

Oga please fear God and go and hug your daughter…..OGA FEAR GOD!!!

Please listen to Mike Jacksons song talking about black or white oh.

Hmmm  and the song is coming from someone who transformed from one colour to another….

That beautiful child might grow up to become a very important person tomorrow….’Onye’ ma echi? God knows

Cute baby has a mama that believe Blessings come from God alone ‘God’s own”(Translate ‘God’s own’ to the Language of the singer who only loves beauty queens).

I have not called any names or indicated whether cute baby is a he or she but if the parties involved see this,they will know…I pray people that can influence them intervene and settle this Brouhaha so that the little cutie can have the love of the famous Papa who might have quietly missed being an albino too cos of his very light skin and eye color….

Everything happens in Gods time…’God’s own’…Gods gift and what ”GOD HAS GIVEN”..He has given!!!

Today is public holiday right?

Let me go and see what is happening on Instagram..

God please do your Magic!!!

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