Chinese Manufacturer Creates ‘underage s3x Dolls’ selling at a record pace

Chinese Manufacturer Creates ‘underage s3x Dolls’ selling at a record pace

MTO is reporting a disturbing new trend in the s3x doll market – pedophiles. A Chinese company that manufactures s3x dolls has revealed that more than 75% of the dolls they manufacture are “children”. The dolls – a sample of which you see below – are FULLY FUNCTIONAL – and are being bought at a RECORD PACE by pedophiles. Right now it’s NOT CLEAR whether the purchase and “use” of the CHILD dolls is a crime.

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  1. john village

    I speak the truth. So many people, especially women, just hate, they hate sex, and they hate men, and this is just another example of that.

    It is a doll for God sake. To want to make it a crime to buy a doll is just stupid and it is dangerous.

    We are setting too many of these precedence

    We need a sane, rational legal system that is willing to stand up to these women and say, NO, which is something they rarely hear.

    If they hear NO a few times, they will be less likely to bring dangerous ideas like this to the legal system

    Since seeing this story I have been telling every man I know to buy one of these dolls. Just to say “NO”

    This reminds me of the elephant tusks and the ivory ban.

    They are destroying art, thousands of years old, just because it is made from ivory.

    It reminds me of the NAZI s destroying art. It is exactly the same.

    Dangerous thinking.

    We must oppose it, for the good of society

  2. john village

    These dolls were made for men with severe physical limitations

    Often veterans who were disabled in the war and can not lift more than 20 pounds and are so horribly disfigured that no woman will date them.

    These are not made to be child like. If you contact the companies that make them, you will see that almost the entire workforce is women

    The dolls come with many options, including breast size.

    This is just another example of how people do not investigate anything further than their first impression on an issue.

    I wish there were women who were saints that would have sex with these disabled men, but there are not, and often their girlfriends and wives leave them because they are so deformed from the war injuries.

    I work with these men, and it is hard to look at their injuries.


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