Aisha Buhari Is A Daughter-In-Law You Should Never Pray To Have – President’s Relative Slams 1st Lady

Aisha Buhari Is A Daughter-In-Law You Should Never Pray To Have – President’s Relative Slams 1st Lady

Ummu Habeeba a relative of president Buhari took to Facebook to state her disappointment in Aisha Buhari…says Aisha is a Daughter in law you should never pray to have.

Read the FB post below:

AISHA BUHARI… a daughter in law i would never pray to have! Although, i am not an excellent observer and commentator on Nigeria political issues, yet, as a muslim i need some level of awareness on issues pertaining to my place of residence.

Aisha Buhari should be told that an average Nigerian that voted for Buhari would do it again with or without her influence. Aisha Buhari first earned my disappointment when in her “wailing wailer” style forced her husband to remind her that her place was in the other rooms and kitchen. Feminists of no much Islamic teaching started insisting that her place or any woman should be all places but the kitchen. If according to our deen teaching, Fatima bint Muhammad had history of being a “other room cum kitchen” woman to earned her leader of women in aljannah firdaoz, i wonder who Aisha Buhari and her suppotters are to feel better than Fatima bint Muhammad!

Aisha Buhari seems to have bolted out of where her husband recommended for her and she is now on twitters, exposing how rotten and unkept her matrimonial home is. First was the unfortunate accident of her son due to her woeful failure as a mother who should have been in “other rooms and kitchen”. She is now leaders of her husband critics. A disgrace to womanhood, muslimahs, motherhood and all obedient wives.

Please, some elders from her home and tribe should call her to order. She is free to divorce her husband or privately correct and pray for him. She is distracting all Nigerians from our national problems to her matrimonial issues. She should wait to context for presidency after her husband tenure. I wonder how our President, Buhari has been functioning with such a huge hinderance from his bedroom. Asia, Firiaon wife had a real terrible husband even then, as she was a woman of paradise, she was not vindictive.

O Allah, save our sons from such wives as this woman. Aamin.


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